Using Gleam and Entry Count from them

You, at one time, had the amount of entries listed by entrant name next to the gleam box showing who had the most on down. I noticed that the entries you showed was off from the ones shown on the top of the Gleam box for mine. I was clicking on the links for daily entry but your count did not go up, while Gleam showed I was doing them and counted them, that was until after I cleared my cookies. When I finally cleared them I started getting entries again in both boxes, the totals never matched due to the ones that I guess were blocked from my cookies not being cleared, but at least having that comparison let me know when they needed to be cleared. You only did that for a short while, but it was a huge help and I was wondering if you would do that again.

I believe you are referring to the ‘Leaderboard’ feature we used to offer, which showed the number of entries a person had. Unfortunately this feature wasn’t very popular so we removed it. Sorry.


i understand booth sides…PrizeTopia say,it wasn´t very popular,but between which users was it so unpopular? Guess,that normal,usuall ysers haven´t any problem with Gleam and all what jenii104 wrote is a very good idea and will be good for all of us!

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To elaborate a little @jenni104 and @Hombre, it seemed making entry information visible via a leaderboard was deterring new/casual users to participate. Some people were also confused about the leaderboard, thinking incorrectly that the person at the top position (the most entries) would win the giveaway.


@PrizeTopia I totally understand that, if people knew that a lot of people with very few entries win very often, they would join in. I also know quite a few people that refuse to do Gleam sweeps because they can’t do all of the entry choices; and I try to tell them that all it takes is that first entry and just one entry gives one a chance to win. Sure the odds should favor those with more, but it doesn’t always work that way with random choice. I liked @Hombre’s reply because I do see an use for showing the entries when it comes to finding out if you are actually getting your own entries to go through or not. But I know people will jump to conclusions thinking that you “need” the most entries to win, when that is just not true. Also, to the point of deferring people from entering, the choice of using Gleam stops many people that I know from entering, they really dislike Gleam, but obviously not enough for a sweeps page to worry about it, since it seems to be the main way for a lot of sites to do a giveaway these days.

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With regards to your comment:

… finding out if you are actually getting your own entries to go through or not.

Please note that at the top of the giveaway, you will see a tally of your entries as illustrated here:

You should also receive an email confirming your entries.

Can we ask, why do your friends dislike like Gleam giveaways? We’ve tested all the major platforms extensively and found Gleam to be:

  1. The easiest to use.
  2. The prettiest interface (including responsiveness for mobile displays).
  3. The most secure (fraud prevention).

But we’d love to hear your feedback.

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The count on the Gleam app always goes up and I do know where it is and how it works, but the count you had when you showed the leaderboard would not go up with the entries I was doing, that is when I started clearing my cookies and voila, then your count on leaderboard would start going up again. I know the count at the top of the form is supposed to show how many I have, but it did not match the list you had next to it, and I could tell if I was getting entries or not by when your count would stop; then it would start again after I cleared cookies, but of course there was no way to get back the lost entries from when they were not counted on the leader form side and that was ok, at least I knew when cookies needed to be cleared so I could get entries again.

As far as people not liking Gleam, this remark is a copy and paste from a friend, Laura, and it is a common reply I get a lot from others when I ask about a Geam one: " I stopped entering Gleam ones over a year ago, they are a wast of time" people don’t like all of the different things you have to do to get entered and especially when they think you have to do all of them to have a chance to win. Just like those that thought the person with the most entries was a lock for winning, just getting the entries, and having to enter in multiple ways, as you do on Gleam is a deterrent for some.

I also have had others tell me they don’t trust the Gleam app due to tracking and access to your accounts that you have to agree to in order to get the twitter and other entries, some blame Gleam apps for the twitter locks on their accounts and more. This is just what I have heard from quite a few. And I have had my account locked a few times, twitter said due to suspicious activity or bot like activity, that did come from using Gleam, not from your site though but it was still a Gleam one. Some say Gleam blocks you if you look like a sweepstaker too or your social accounts show you enter multiple sweeps, but I have no proof of that, just a comment made by someone I heard and really unsure that is true. There are other complaints too, but I won’t go into all of that. I am only relaying this info since you asked, but on the other side of this, Gleam is a huge entry platform out there, especially among gamer sites, so you have to use what is best for your site and doesn’t cost you a fortune in the long run.

As far as the easiest, for some, it is actually one of the harder ones to enter due to having to log into gleam with a social account and not just by email, and then accept their access to your social accounts. The easiest are the ones where you just have a form you fill out with your name and address and email, and no linking of any accounts and no chance of being blocked for spamming on social media. But that won’t get you the follows and such I think you are looking for. Woobox actually has the easiest entries, and I do believe you can still require follows and such, but I don’t know about linking Patreon through woobox, I don’t think I have ever seen that. A lot of Facebook sweeps and site sweeps use woobox, and they are just name and email entered either once or daily or however many times you want, and some add a chance to get extra entries with referrals. There again, some think that is unfair since some people can get a huge amount of referrals and others can’t. They all have naysayers, and they all have people that love them, I mean hey, you are giving away some awesome items, so you need to do what is best for developing your business and site. Go with what gets you the best profits.

Since this new website has been implemented, I do not receive notifications by email (in previous years, I did receive them). :sweat:

@asgorreidaa Email confirmations are an automated process performed by Gleam, so shouldn’t have been affected by our site/server change. Please can you check your junk box?

I have checked.

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I don’t get them either. The only emails I get that have to do with Prizetopia are when I get one saying there is a new contest, or about replies on feeds such as this one, but I do not get anything letting me know the entry went through.