Patreon bonus unfair

Giving Patreon members an extra 1000 entries is a bit much. You might as well have the competitions just for your contributors. 500 extra entries would be more appropriate.

Thank you for your feedback @Pat.

This is a really sensitive issue and we are aware that those who are casual users to PrizeTopia might feel that a 1K bonus is unfair. However, please bear in mind that we are business and have to generate revenue in order to pay for the majority of the giveaway prizes (and web hosting/development etc) in order to maintain the site and also to help it grow. We feel that a small optional donation of $2 (even less once Patreon takes its commission!) is a very reasonable fee to reward our loyal users.

This site (and all giveaway sites) should be used for fun and not taken too seriously. And please remember, all of our giveaways can be entered for free. Good luck, and thank you for leaving constructive feedback.

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Wtha’s means “even less once Patreon takes its commission!”?

Patreon is a business and operates similar to other online payment services, such as PayPal, and charges a commission percentage of between 5% and 12% for every dollar generated by creators such as PrizeTopia.

If you’re interested in reading more about Patreon’s fees, please see here. We hope this provides some transparency.

Thanks a lot for the explanation and for the link.

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